Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting ready for the celebration!

it took me quite sometime to gather ideas, stuffs, recipes and designs to make the preparations for my kids' birthday celebration. even it was a belated birthday party, i still want to make it extra special for the kids and i want them to be happy about it especially for my princess's her 9th birthday..and Kimy's 1st birthday ever..(ke i yg lebih-lebih teruja nih?) hehe.. was me i guess..

i've been planning for the party weeks ahead..ohhhh many things to do in the shortest of time..agak cool penenang hati nih!) hehehe..for the birthday menus, i imported my sista to help me cook all the food..dah booking awal2 dah..(chaiyo kak kama and thanx a million!). i intended to make all homemade, juling biji mata nk siapkan semuanya..haishhhh..ank2 punya pasal, kuatkan jugak semangat nih.. :) first..kenalah siapkan all the designs on the chosen theme..Mia wanted a ladybug theme and i chose giraffe as Kimy's theme..(dia ada soft-toy busuk called 'Giffy' he hung on 24-7). from there, makin ligat la kepala and tangan i buat keje..tgk time, tgk date..haishhhh..giler ko nih anne..sempat ke??

finally, siap jgk..

so, i invited all my family and frens to our small party!

the invitation card

*wait for the entry on the special day!

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