Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's Partayyyyy!!

as promised, the celebration day finally arrived..haha..dh jd mcm burung hantu dah aku ni.i only slept at 5 in the morning..adesss..biji mata udah ghope kungfu panda, but eventually i managed to settle everything even tertonggeng2..terconggeng2..terguling2..yahuuu..berjaya!!  (i did get some help from the infamous chef of nilai.. "kak kama" wt her motto : "kita yg buat dia, bukan dia buat kita" hehe..if only u guys knew wht i've been thru to get everything done..huhuhu..moral of the story..jgn mengada2 nk wat experiment on baking the same day u gonna have ur party..sila la wat experiment terlebih dahulu ye puan2. yelaa..ada ka patut, time tu jgk la aku nk try wat fondant kan..haha..tu blom lg nk wat rainbow cake, cake pop..isskk..(tp, disebabkan kepakaran kak kama, masalah dpt diselesaikan hehe..)

Mia, happy and so eager about her party..she kept bugging me with questions..what time is the party? can i drive her to fetch her friends? when can we put the cake on the table?..haishhhh..u are distracting me young lady!! i need to focus here..hohohoh..pity her a bit though when i like layan tk layan her..but i need to catch the time..the were on jetspeed nowadays..sorry la sayang..mama sibuk la..utk Mia jgk..i knew she understands..sowwweeeeee..

kimy..hahaha..happy as usual..since he just got the legs, baru jalan2 jatuh gitu..satu rumah dia ukur..wat inspection sana sini..habis sume brg pon dia nk usik..ishhh..adik..adik..nasib baik ada ramai cousins dia yg tolong jaga. tk la dia mengacau kerja2 kt dapo..klo resakse kecik tu dh masuk dapo..mmg tk dpt la nk wat kije..

we started the party at 3 pm..and everybody were eager about it..first, mcm biasa..Atok baca doa la..after doa is the candle blowing ceremony..menyanyi dgn penuh semangat! hehehe..Mia kata, byknya lilin dia nk kena tiup! and kimy..mmg tk padam2 lilinnya..sbb tk tau tiup!! hehehe..we had games for the kids..and ada jgk bdk telebey umo yg join was fun and full of laughter, nengok pangai2 bdk2  beraksi..ok, tk payah cerita byk2..let's enjoy the day with the pictures taken by didi zahren (my event coordinator on that day) wt her instagram.

the birthday girl wt the biggest grin

the curious wandering birthday boy

homemade moist chocolate cake for mia

homemade rainbow cake for kimy

the soda drinks

vanilla cuppies

chocolate cake pop

so colourful!
my homemade chocolate..

singing the birthday song..

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!

Mia's friends..thanks for coming!!

to my two beautiful kids..i hope u enjoyed the celebration and i want you to know tht i love both of you so much..more than my life itself..<3