Friday, June 29, 2012

As wished by my princess..

gulppp...first of all, i have to admit that i am a little nervous in posting this entry..if u guys remembered, i planned to bake my lil'princess cake wishlist..a carrot cake. hadoii, agak gementar jgk masa nk buat tu..berkali-kali baca resepi, as if i dont understand my own was quite challenging i can say..especially when it comes to grating the carrots..huaaaa..kalo la ada org nk tolong kan bagus..since my left hand is not 100% recovered, it was a hard task for me to grate the carrots..but, i mananged to finished it somehow. perghh! tercabut bahu..! 

pastu i pon godak2 la kek tu ikut sesuka hati i..ikut sesedap rasa i..hahaha..nak dijadikan cerita, tengah2 i pukul telur tu, boleh plak dengar bunyi yg mengerikan dari oven i..aikkk???jgn cari pasal oven oiii..aku ni nk membakar.. sudahnya dok sebok godek oven plak..bancuhan telur tu i tinggalkan mcm tu je..hahaha..lepas agak-agak dah puas hati, boleh lak i sambung pukul telur tu, i just crossed my finger, hoping that my cake would come out nice, at least. hahaha..memang stok pasrah giler lah! sambil tunggu kek terbakar, eh..dibakar, i pon nk wat cream cheese..hahaha..again, apa lah kena dgn si Anne ni?? i really thought that day, i read it right..ohhh..whatever, i thought i need 120gm of cream cheese but it was actually 250gm! so, berpuas hatilah dgn cream cheese yg ada, tk boleh nk complaint banyak2..huhuhu..

my sloppy carrot cake..

after like 1 hour, this is the the result..hahaha..sorry for the sloppiness..i dah mengantuk and a bit out of mood because of the cream cheese..anyway, mia and the rest of the people in the house did get to eat the carrot cake..but like i said, i am no carrot cake fan, so i have no idea of how a good carrot cake taste like..i did brought it to my office the next day and wallahh!! a great feedback fm my friends..(err..harap2 ikhlas lah ye!), here it is.. :) 

ada ruper carrot cake kah??

errr..i guess i have to try it again in the near future..they said it was good, the taste, the texture, everything was just betuii kaa?? hewhewhew.. :) until next time!

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