Tuesday, June 14, 2011

for the first time..

hello there!
pheww!after much alterations and adjustments, i think now i am ready to start my blog. i find it hard to start,need a jump start here..hehe..i cud say that my best fren julia is actually one of the reasons why i wanted to start this blog..i am enjoying her writing.. and of coz, all the mouth watering pictures of food she cooked! find her at http://www.juliasayz.blogspot.com/ and hope i can polish my writing skills too..it's been soooooo long..(am not sure whether i cud still do it - kepala otak dah berkarat).

i am looking forward to fill my blog with various things that come across my daily life. hope one day it will be a great memories for me and everyone who'd share it with me..and to make that a reality, i need unconditional love and support from all of u.. :) (perhaps a spank wud do good!aihh..so lazy ah me!) see u guys soon!


  1. huwaa.. ini la yg kau bz-kan tuh yek.. welcome to the blogging world laling! lets rock!

  2. welcome...kau la yg bakar line!!hehe...