Wednesday, June 15, 2011

friends forever..

riena mustafa - my primary school best friend
thru our journey of life we meet a lot of people. while others come and go, some stays..thru times, these people has developed a bond, a relationship with one another.this relationship existed when there were feelings involved. i must say, this special relationship is not only between a man and a woman, known world-wide as LOVE, but it's kinda special in it's own way..sometimes just unexplainable but it still exist. the feelings of trust, care, love, secure, you name it, it is almost unconditional in everyway..that's what created the word F.R.I.E.N.D.S

usharani and me..secondary school best friend

looking back at my past, i have met plenty of these people we called friends. some of them were playmates, studymates and only few became my soulmate friends. i am thankful to have met them in my life, with them i grew up to be a friend myself. i learned to be a good friend, in good times and bad times. it is true, sometimes there were bad friends among the lists, but i wud always consider them as my friends. i have too much love to share! ;) (dont bother lah as long as u know how to limit yourself when you are with these backstabbers). friends permit you to tell anything, even for the hundredth times..(mmg dorang letih nk dengar) but still they have the ears for you..ain't that shweet??hehehe..good friends are like your whole body, they have the head, the shoulder, the hands and sometimes the legs..(good to kick some jack-a**) :) no one wud understand when us girls wud be hours on the phone, gossiping and chit chatting when we are about to see one another the next day..hehe..(where can wait lah!nanti ceritanya basi..) i love my girlfriends so much, we share almost everything..when we were much younger, we share tips on make up, musics, nite outing and many more but as we grew older we share tips on bringing up kids, recipes and all sorts of, how cud we be separated?

my secondary school friends

my best friends to die for..raha, eera & ray
until the day i still breathe today, i have my friends, still loyal to our friendship, still standing together even though now we have our own commitments and life to pursue. i love them deary..nothing beats our mutual bond. i wud not trade them for the world because what we have are so special, unique and priceless..i pray and hope that our relationships wud last forever..can u imagine, when we are around 60, and we still go out together to drink coffee and still gossiping?hehehe..i am looking forward to that day, to look back at us when we are younger..i am so proud of my friends, we are still together today even we were only lil'kids who barely knew the real meaning of friendship. this entry is dedicated to my bestest buddies..ur love had helped me to get thru the winding and narrow roads of my life..ur love will always be with me until the day i stop living..AVIU! bestest soulmate buddy cum my cuz!
my precious friends - waty & shulin

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