Wednesday, June 15, 2011

welcome to the world!

2011 wud be another memorable year for me..despite all the obstacles, i am so proud to be pregnant again with my second baby..and that is after 8 years..everyone is so excited to welcome the baby,and my dotter wud be asking me on daily basis: "when is the baby coming, mama?"(uhhhh..mia tak sabar, mama lagi lah!)

i thought the second pregnancy wud not much differ from the first one, but i talked too soon..this time it was quite hard for me. as an SLE patient, pregnancy cud somehow turned into a disaster..and i have to go thru it..(i'm so sorry baby..). hospital visits was a chaos..too many appointments until i forgot them now and then..blood tests (rasa cam dah nak kering darah dah) was like donating my blood to the vampies..and more diagnostics that made u cringed..(ada ka doktor kata tk pasti side effect obat2 yg diberi?) urghh..but still i believe that i had to do all these to make sure that my baby wud be fine..

my hubby, was always with me (more like my designated driver hehe)..sending me to meet all the appointments..pity him though..and for that, sometimes i tried to be as strong as i cud but sometimes i failed, the baby wud be tumbling in my tummy every me a constant pain. i was scared if i'm gonna have a pre-mature delivery, so i prayed the baby wud the end of my pregnancy, i was detected with anti RO +, it wud give a risk of congenital heart block to my unborn baby..can u imagine how stressful i am at that point? but, i leave it to the hands of Allah..doctors were making plans to get me warded to be induced for delivery..
day one

unexpectedly, at 37 weeks and 6 days, i had given birth to a beautiful baby boy at 5.10 am on the 11th April, he was 2.6 kilos..the labour was painful (actually dh lupa rasa sakit bersalin..hehe..) but i am thankful it only lasted for 5 hours or so. thanks to my hubby for being by my side thru the labour. sorry sayang, i nearly chewed ur hands off!hahaha..the baby heart beat was a liltle unstable and his blood were thick, so my baby need to be under doctor's observation for 4 days. Alhamdulillah, everything was fine..

welcome lil' boy!
here is our new member of the family, proudly introducing Jasrul Hakimi Jasniza. lots of love..

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