Saturday, July 9, 2011

the sweet sound..

semalam pergi shopping for some groceries and stuffs at a supermarket, and i was queuing at the cashier counter, busy digging my sling bag to reach my purse while holding my lil' baby in my arms..(kelam kabut aku dibuatnya..adehhh, jari tersangkut plak!) suddenly there was this sweet sound of voice saying.."hello boy..oh my, u are yawning..u must be very sleepy.." i turned around to see a tall man standing behind me.."owhh..yes, indeed..he is sleepy..hehe.." i replied wt a smile..and he kept on talking to my lil'baby, chuckling and stuffs..hehe..then he said.."would u like to come wt uncle? u can ride on my big bike.." haha..ride eh? "maybe when i am bigger.." i replied fr lil'kimy..ok, i am done, and he bid good bye to my boy..

tengah aku terhegeh2 kt kereta..i cud hear this sweet thick and rich..memukau gegendang telinga..makin dekat..makin kuat..dan berhenti kat tepi kereta..


aaaaaaaaaa...he stopped by, waving good bye to lil'kimy again, and i had this fainted smile on my face and waived lil'kimy's hand..


the 'grrr'rowling harley.. sweet..errr.. i mean the sound.. :)

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