Friday, July 8, 2011

~time flies..~

it felt just like yesterday..felt like i was still in a midst of looking for a direction to move on with my life. still searching and looking for something i felt missing..without me realizing, i am not alone anymore..

i met to know him..there were ups and downs..there were winding and bumpy roads along the new built relationship..but, we were there..and we were together..

families and friends gathered, altogether we celebrated the happy day, the day we got married..and on that day, my wish was to be happy and blessed with my new life..for i am not alone anymore..

time flies..and days passed without fail and 5 days ago, it was the 365th days of us being together...i knew, it was kinda late, but still i wanted to wish you happy 1st anniversary and hope it will be the first to more years to come..thank you for being there and because of you i am not alone anymore.. <3


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